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If you’ve been thinking about getting your windows tinted, it’s likely that you have researched online for reviews and Q&As about window to tinting. If that’s the case, you may have read some myths that left you confused. Before you invest in window tint, let us help you by breaking down these misconceptions…

MYTH #1 – Getting your car windows tinted can be a waste of money as the tinting will change color and bubble.

While this may be true of cheap, unprofessionally installed tinting, this is not the case for professionally installed tint. Do-it-yourself tint may turn purple, bubble, and lose effectiveness over times as they were not made to last forever. However, professionally installed tint should last up to two decades! With our experience and high quality films, you can feel comfortable knowing that your tint will last for many years.

MYTH #2 – Window tint will make the interior of my car very dark.

Tint comes in several shades and even the darkest allows some light to come into your car. You’ll find that tint is rated using percentages. The higher the percentage, the more light will shine through. Tint can be almost as clear as glass, solely serving as a UV and heat barrier or you can opt for something darker. Review your state’s laws before you come in and choose your preferred shade.

MYTH #3 – Window tint is only for looks and serves no purpose otherwise.

While window tint does serve a cosmetic purpose and many people chose to tint their windows to improve the look of the vehicle, that is not its sole purpose. One of the biggest perks of getting your windows tinted is that tint blocks out damaging UV rays. This will protect the interior of your car as well as your skin. Window tinting blocks the glare and driving safer. It also helps to keep your car cool on hot days.

MYTH #4 – Tinting your windows will keep them from breaking.

You’ve learned that window tint can protect yourself and your vehicle from heat and UV rays, it also limits a persons ability to see in which can prevent theft but it will not keep your windows from breaking. While it cannot make your glass indestructible, it can reduce the amount of fragments in the event that the glass does break given that the window film remains intact.

MYTH #5 – Getting your windows tinted is expensive.

Not all window tint is expensive. There are several variables that go into the cost of having your windows tinted. The cost of the film itself, who you hire to do the job, the amount of windows you are having tinted, as well as the darkness you prefer. With these in mind, you are still likely find that it is not as expensive as you anticipated. The protection from UV rays window tint offers both you and your vehicle and its ability to reduce solar glare makes window tinting worth the investment.

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