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There are multiple benefits that come with getting your windows tinted. There is more to tint than just good looks. It enhances your driving experience by rejecting heat, UV rays, and glare from the sun. Tint can help deter thefts and help against excessive glass shatter in an accident. You may want to cut costs and attempt to do it yourself but you should consider the following before you do…

Great Window Tinting Installation Requires Experienced Installers 

To increase the longevity and enhance the quality of your tint, it is important the the proper installation techniques are used. Professionals know that they must be precise from cutting the tint to fit your windows just right to using proper techniques for clean installation, one mistake and your tint could be ruined. Window film is not very forgiving so to avoid a bad turn out and hire a professional. Professional window tinting installers have gone through training, have tinted thousands of vehicles, and have all the tools needed to do the job right. Paying a professional to do the job will reduce the stress that comes with attempting it yourself.

Some Do-It-Yourself Installations Gone Bad!

The Quality of the Window Tinting Film Matters

There is a common saying when making most purchases, “You get what you pay for.” This absolutely applies to window film, especially auto tint. The quality of tint can range from very low quality to very high quality. Most do it yourself kits are very inexpensive, which makes the project of attempt to tint your vehicle yourself very appealing, but the quality of that film is usually very low. You do not want your tint to peel or fade and turn purple just because it is a bit cheaper than having a professional tint your vehicle. Professional tint shops use high quality materials and are not going to install and put their reputation on the line for cheap low quality films that will fade and turn an ugly purple color.

Professionals Guarantee Their Work

Professionals often warranty their work. When you do the job yourself, there’s no one to back the work should it bubble, peel or change color over time. Professional grade tint products are usually backed by warranty’s that ensuring their longevity. Companies that produce the tint are not afraid to guarantee their products when they know an experienced professional installed them. If they trust them, you should too!

Professional Window Tinting Saves You Money In the Long Run

The initial expense that comes with doing it yourself may seem appealing but make even the slightest mistake and you’ll have to reorder and redo it. This adds up because DIY kits do not send extra or scrap pieces of film to account for mistakes that are easily made with installation. Improper installation can also cost you in the long run. If you install tint yourself and a year down the road it needs to be removed, because of bubbling or turning purple, it can cost you twice as much. The cost of removing old tint can become very expensive and you risk causing extra and unnecessary damage to the glass and your rear defroster lines. After all that, assuming you want your vehicle tinted again, you have to pay a professional to do all that work when it could have been done right the first time. Professionals work hard to exceed expectations. You can bet that you will receive the best customer service and get valuable tips on how to maintain your window tint. They will back their work and if you notice any flaws, they can fix them on the spot. Taking your vehicle to the pros is well worth the cost!

State Laws Are Different

Every state has its own set of laws regarding window tint so having a professional do the job will assure you that your are informed about those guidelines. Regulations vary from state to state. They limit which color of film is allowed, set standards on clarity, and how dark the tint can be. If you do decide to tint your windows on your own, take the time to review your state’s tinting laws. Sometimes these can be confusing and you may unknowingly forget some of them. Professionals, having years of experience are are well aware of the state’s rules and regulations so you can rest assured that you will be informed about which tint is legal and which tint is not.

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