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There are many benefits that come along with tinted windows aside from just making your car look better. Below is a partial list of the benefits of vehicle window tinting…

  1. Blocks 99% UV radiation 
  2. Significantly reduces the temperature inside your vehicle
  3. Improves gas mileage
  4. Reduces the amount of air conditioning you will need
  5. Reduces glare to improve visibility
  6. Protects your vehicle’s interior from fading
  7. Increases privacy
  8. Reduces theft
  9. Improves the overall aesthetics of your vehicle and windows

How Long Does It Take To Get Vehicle Windows Tinted?

Should you sit in the waiting area or do you need someone to come get you during the process? A good ballpark estimate on time is that it takes about 1.5 – 2 hours for 95% of vehicles that get tinted. Small sedans will sometimes take a bit less time than full-sized SUVs and getting one or two windows done is a lot faster than having an entire vehicle tinted. Just ask your window tinting professionals and they will be able to give you an estimate based on the work you are having done.

When Is the Best Time To Tint Your Windows?

The best time to get your windows tinted is during the warmer temperatures of spring, summer, and fall, which is also when people will feel the effects that window tinting provides. The hotter it is, the better the film will bond to the glass, making summer time the absolute best time to tint windows. In the colder parts of Fall, Winter, and Spring, when it gets into single digits outside or worse, is when a tinting shop with a climate controlled facility is extremely important to ensure the best tinting installation.

How Long Will the Tinting Last on the Windows?

How long the tinting will last depends on the film type, the weather in your area, where your auto is stored, and how much you use it. Most residential and automotive applications are covered by a lifetime warranty as long as you own the house or car. There are some specialty films that have different terms. Just ask your window tinting professionals and they will be able to give you time frame.

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